Comfort Quilts

The Charity Quilt Group has now changed its’ name to “Comfort Quilts” to better reflect our goals and ideals. There are many amazing organizations out there that can benefit from our wonderful quilts. However, we feel that first and foremost we should be looking after our own members. To that end we have drafted this mission statement to limit the focus of our donations. 
Our mission will therefore be to supply quilts of comfort to our members, their families and friends and supplies permitting, supply such quilts to organizations that we will feel would most benefit from such items. 

Committee: The committee shall consist of three persons

Application Process:

All requests must come from a guild member by written application to the comfort quilt committee.
The comfort quilt committee will consider all requests and if the criteria are met, will decide which quilt to give.

The following conditions will be considered for review:

Those undergoing extensive long term cancer treatment
d Those suffering from a terminal illness
d Those having a baby/child with a serious illness
d Those affected by a disaster such as a fire or tornado
d Other life events needing comfort such as a debilitating long term health
condition or victim of crime or abuse
d Individuals with unusual trauma or extreme life tragedy
d Must be in the guild geographic area


Bereavement quilts will not be issued as it is felt that this is something that everyone deals with.
Providing quilts to services such as police and fire departments as we feel that this is not an area where carefully crafted quilts belong.


The comfort quilt committee shall keep a log with photo and size of the quilts that are available.
 The quilt label shall say “A Gift from Oxford Quilters' Guild”
The details of the recipient will be logged in general terms (i.e.; sister of guild member undergoing cancer treatment, guild member with premature baby, general call for quilts from tornado zone, etc.)
Once the quilts are given, the original letter of request will be destroyed.

If and when we feel we have covered our members needs the committee will decide whether to donate to local charities. The following have been suggested:

d Victim Services
d Women's Shelter
d Sakura House
d Quilts of Valor
d Victoria's Quilts
d Neo Natal Unit