Membership in the Oxford Quilter’s Guild

The Oxford Quilter's Guild is a non-profit organization whose objectives are;

to promote an appreciation for and to contribute to the knowledge of the art and craftsmanship associated with quilting and patchwork.
b to encourage performance in the craft by:
                        b  providing educational opportunities
b  a forum for fellowship
b  an exchange of experience, information and ideas
b to encourage high standards of colour, design and technique in quilting and patchwork.

Membership is open to all those interested in quilting and patchwork whether quilt lover or quilt maker, beginner or experience, amateur or professional.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday and Thursday of each month, September through June. The Wednesday meetings are held in the evening 7:00-9:30 and the Thursday meetings are mornings from 9:30-12:00 at the Creative Arts Centre in Ingersoll. (Map below). Access to the centre is through the Park entrance off of Thames St.

Visitors are welcome. A fee of $10.00 may apply to specific activities.


Membership forms are available here in pdf form. Again this year there is a combined form to register for the centre and the guild. Therefore only one cheque is required. If you wish to pay by Visa/Mastercard you will have to drop into the centre and do this at the office.

Annual dues remain the same for this year and are $20.00 if the newsletter is received by email and $30.00 if it sent by mail (extra cost covers printing and postage). Payment is due by the June meeting.  Overdue payment is $25.00. Our membership year runs from June 1st to May 31 to coincide with the fiscal year of the Creative Arts Centre.

Membership in the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre is mandatory.

Membership in the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre is mandatory.
Current rates for individuals are $120.00 and $175.00 for families. Membership forms and rates for the centre can be accessed  three ways:

b on their website: http://creativeartscentre.com/membership-information-2
b from the office at the centre
b on this website

Our newsletter " The disPatch " is available on this website and information brochures for new members are available here.