How To Best Data Recovery From Damaged Disk

Although the iSCSI protocol is quite old, it does not lose its popularity in building network storages. It is a protocol for communicating and managing data recovery storage systems between servers and clients.

This protocol is used to transfer data over the network and allows you to see the network media as a local physical, while in fact the data storage is located on another device. Such media are called LUNs.

LUN is a logical object number. In other words, this is a network drive or its partition, which has its own number in the iSCSI network. This functionality is available on Synology, QNAP, and other server devices.

If you accidentally deleted an iSCSI LUN, or deleted data from it, or simply cannot access the files stored on your NAS, third-party data recovery software is indispensable to you. There are few software solutions for Youtube data recovery from iSCSI drives. If you need a proven utility that can recover information from such drives, use Hetman RAID Recovery.

Data Recovery

Before starting the recovery process, make sure you have a drive with a capacity greater than or equal to the network drive from which you will recover information.

Connect the media to the Windows operating system, then download, install and run Hetman RAID Recovery, scan the required media.

How to recover a network drive :

For the first solution, you will need to connect an empty drive to the QNAP device, boot it up, and create a new virtual drive. With the same size as the previous one. And then copy the file to this drive.

The terminal does not display any information about the status of the copying process, this information can be viewed in the system monitor, it displays the amount of copied information, by which you can approximately determine how soon the process will end.

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